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Women’s PRIDE (Sold Out )

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 Mar 2022

Women's Pride is a unique collection whose design is inspired by 21 legendary women admired by the entire world. The collection consists of several components. The part with Skulls is meant to show that we are all the same under the skin.

Each piece in it is designed exclusively by the artist and inspirer of the collection - Natalie.

So what is our goal? We are here to create unique DAO and community to promote equality and respect for women all over the world working in all areas, and to provide maximum value to collection owners.

Join us, together we are strong, together we are the pride!

Social Media

Twitter :

Discord :

Website :

Artwork Finalize

  • Secondary markets partnership

  • Grow the community

  • Add value to active members

  • Marketing, promotions partnerships and collaborations


35%- Resale royalties will be used for holders rewards

10% -Resale royalties will be used for collection marketing and rebuys

10% -Resale royalties will be used to support women's rights organizaions around the world

10 High resolution prints signed by Natalie will be sent for holders

Floor sweeping after launch

Weekly floor sweeping at random times; will be used for hold and as a gift for influencers only

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