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The Underground ( Sold Out )


The Underground is a staking game with stunning algorithmically generated art of 12,000 unique Fighter & Yakuza NFTs.

Earn $BLOOD. Send your Fighters & Yakuza to fight (staking). They will earn you $BLOOD (ERC20).

Get GOLD. GOLD is the ultimate prize for everyone. But GOLD does not come cheap, 1M $BLOOD per GOLD NFT. Level up your Fighters to earn faster and use RING and AMULET (NFTs) strategically.



The Underground combines the power of stake-to-earn risk-based gaming with beautiful, hand-drawn anime artwork. You can be proud of your fighters & yakuza while earning staking rewards in our ERC20 in-game currency: $BLOOD. Only 10% of all NFTs will be Yakuza. They are rare for a reason... 2. STAKE FIGHTERS & YAKUZA aka. EARN $BLOOD While staked, Fighters earn $BLOOD. At Level 0 they earn 500 $BLOOD per day but the more you level them up the more they will earn. It is vital that you do so to attain the ultimate prize - a GOLD NFT. Each will cost 1M $BLOOD and only the best players will can ever get there. Yakuza are different. They collect taxes from all Fighters while they are claiming $BLOOD (20% tax) or if they unstake (potential 50% tax). This means the more $BLOOD Fighters earn, the more Yakuza will collect in taxes. As a result being a Yakuza is lucrative, and being a higher ranked Yakuza is especially lucrative. Yakuza are rare. Only 10% of all NFTs will be Yakuza. Yakuza also have a chance of stealing GEN1 NFTs (minted with $BLOOD). Check your wallet daily if you are a Yakuza owner, you might just find new NFTs in there overnight.


Use the $BLOOD you earned to mint more NFTs - GEN1 NFTs. They have the same features as GEN0 but are minted with $BLOOD instead. More Fighters/Yakuza will earn you more $BLOOD per day. But take care, GEN1 NFTs can be stolen by staked Yakuza at mint!


Your Fighters will start with a randomly allocated on-chain level between 0-3. At level 0 each Fighter earns 500 $BLOOD per day - not a lot. You need to level up your Fighters with $BLOOD to have them earn more per day. Each level gives you +1,000 $BLOOD per day per Fighter. New levels are increasingly harder to reach, as the amount of $BLOOD you need to burn to purchase the next level increases (like XP in Diablo). Every 7 days, a Fighter loses 1 level if they have not been upgraded at least once during that time. "Stake and forget" is not going to work as a strategy. You will need upgrades to have your Fighters level up more... (Yakuza are not affected by Levels. They use Rank instead.) 5. FIGHTER - UPGRADES (AMULETS & RINGS)

Without upgrades, it's almost impossible to reach 1M $BLOOD. For that reason, you can burn $BLOOD to get yourself multiple AMULETS and RINGS, which have positive effects on all your NFTs in the same wallet.


Yakuza come with a rank between 5-8, which is randomly allocated on-chain at mint. Their rank determines how much of the $BLOOD taxes they collect and their chance to steal GEN1 NFTs at mint.

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