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The Monkey Design Club| SOLD OUT

What is Monkye Design Club

Our next big project is building our metaverse , The Monkey Design Planet or A.K.A. TMD-PLANET . We would like a perfect ecosystem such as the connection between members , everyday events , and where members can make profits and assets of their own. We are happy to give you joy from these new experiences and the evolution of NFT technology and metaverse .

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We are devoloping an application that will connect every member of our community Any creator in any field can easily tokenize decentralized financial assets into digital assets.The application will help you to make profits , store your digitized NFTs and get an evaluation of their value .Then , we will build our METAVERSE , TMD-PLANET.

In this TMD-PLANET , you can collect crypto of your own or property , items , fan picks , concert tickets and more , as well as explore our design world metaverse.

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