Taiyo Robotics《TYR》

Taiyo Robotics are 2,121 Robots that have been manufactured on the Solana blockchain. They have been created to protect the world against giant monsters that have plagued earth.

Incubators that spawn a baby Taiyo after 30 days. To find out how long an incubator takes to hatch or who the parents are, head to https://incubation.taiyorobotics.com/ and search the incubator name into the "incubator explorer". Owning an Incubator/Infant grants you full access to the Taiyo Robotics DAO

Oh yes we are here! What about you?

Social Media

Twitter : https://twitter.com/TaiyoRobotics

Magic Eden : https://magiceden.io/marketplace/taiyo_infants_incubators

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