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Sunk NFT (Sold Out)

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 Mar 2022

SUNKS is coming!

SUNKS is an NFT project consisting of 10000 unique animated avatars.

They were created with a very special piece of art. Blinking eyes have a hypnotic effect.

They reincarnated in the Solana ecosystem, having exactly the same characteristics as their previous life.

They also all have a place of reincarnation, ranging from crypto mines, the Matrix, and even the ISS.

Twitter :

Website :

Discord :


Stage 1 -3rd of September 2021

The First 100 collection will be launched on NFT Marketplace 3K Followers on Twitter Stage 2 -1st of October 2021

SUNKS will dropped weekly, totally 1000 SUNKS will be dropped The Tenth Village (TTV) launch Daily giveaway events throughout September 10K followers on Twitter

Stage 3 - 1st of December 2021

Airdrops via The Tenth Village for SUNKS holders by Grape Protocol Weekly SUNKS drops, make it 3000 in total 15K followers on Twitter ​ Stage 4 -1st of January 2022

10000 SUNKS will be sold out The Tenth Village will be HUGE Famous artists, creators, influencers will move to TTV

#NFTGiveaways #NFTLAUNCH #Nfts #NFTGiveaway #NFTCommunity #Sunk

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