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Stoned Ape Crew ( Sold Out)

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 Mar 2022


First NFT with 4 Roles: Scientists, Business guys, Farmers & Artists (already live)

Unique Ape generated from more than 200 Traits

PUFF the floor & fractionalized NFT ownership

Using parts of royalties to PUFF the floor, burn some & redistribute some to unlisted holders. (already live)

Other parts of royalties are used to buy other NFTs and fractionalize ownership back to $PUFF holders.

First organization where you don't need to lie about your green consumption.


Most Stoned Launch Party in Amsterdam PUFF PUFF & other community events

Community-created Weed Strain & Weed Products crafted from Compounded Stoners Wisdom & SAC Apparel (in progress)

Very, first CBD and Delta-8 Online-Store in the US & Europe, operated by an NFT company (in progress)

The SAC Coffeeshop


Allowing Staking For Daily Rewards Of Our Utility Token $PUFF. Chimpions get 15 $PUFF / day, Apes with Roles get 30 $PUFF / day

With this tokens you will live in the stoned metaverse like the father of Bob Marley (already live)


We Invented a Concept for An Evolution Game Of Transforming Your Apes With Token Burning Mechanics (Already live)

Chimpions + Tokens combined to send him into Retreat. After 3 days, he can adapt a Role and can either be a Scientist, Farmer, Artist or Businessman.

Nuked Ape Rescue Missions

A tragic incident happened in Puff Value. Chaos, devastated areas over the region after a nuclear explosion. The Apes want to rescue their fellows so decide to build rescue teams, 2 Apes with different Roles (Chimpion works) form one team. Nuked Apes will be an exclusive collection only available through rescue missions. Each rescue mission consumes 1420 $PUFF (starting Feb 12th)


Ever had issues with your gentics or the genetics of a weed strain? No problem, the stoned ape scientist fixes this with one PUFF PUFF. Oh and have you ever heard about psychedelic bananas? No? Ahm we neither..


THE LEGENDARY BUSINESSMAN - the ape who sold weed before the fire was even discovered, telling you it will be higher in price tomorrow. He loves his suit almost as much as a good joint and describes marihuana stocks as "Jack Pot". We wonder why he is not in NFT.


You want to grow the best sativa weed or just wanted fresh herbs in your caeser salad? In the Stoned Ape Crew, there's a role reserved for the guy who's heart is in his garden ... THE FARMER APE Monkey. The best thing is: He makes his own fertilizer.


What did DaVinci, Picasso and Mark Rothko had in common? If you know, you know and so is our ARTIST APE interpreting the world around on a canvas. Some rumor that the first drawing our artist genius made back in times, was from his two girls: Maria and Juana.

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