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Smart Sea Society

The NFT world is an innovative and dynamic space. Smart Sea Society aims to help their

holders navigate through this ever-changing space with a collection that gives access to a strong community with unprecedented tools.

When starting out as a trader in the NFT space, it’s difficult to know what alpha to believe, which indicators are important and what projects are bound to do well. There are many unpredictable factors that can, at any time, completely overthrow anyone's beliefs about projects in the NFT space. For instance, no one really knows when the market is going bearish or bullish, if a project is projected to be a rug, or even if the Solana network will function at full capacity.

Therefore, SSS focussed on the one factor that does have a predictable correlation, namely the one between Twitter volume and Magic Eden. After studying the data of Twitter and Magic Eden for some time, the team started making trades based on the simple assumption that when Twitter volume went up, the floor price of a project would go up. This turned out to be true in a significant portion of the trades.

Smart Sea Society was founded when the public was asking for this alpha, and the team assembled the right people to turn this one idea into an NFT project. The NFT collection of Smart Sea Society will give access to NFT tools in which Twitter and ME data is utilized to give unparalleled insights.

Since the core value of Smart Sea Society lies in helping its holders, the decision was made to make the NFT collection a pfp collection. This way holders gain ultimate benefits from being a holder, namely by getting access to the tools and holding a high quality art NFT.

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