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PENGSOL aims to disrupt the NFT industry by creating algorithmic automated minting tools.We are building The missing platform for The NFT Industry

A centralized land for all your favorite tools and arsenal all under one roof

with our advanced ai tools you would be able to perform all your minting activities with ease and from anywhere and without human intervention.

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Let’s be honest, There is a slim chance you can get into any project if you don’t have a whitelist and let alone try your luck in the public mint, that’s just one of the examples

with the rise of the usage of BOT's it's making it harder for the average joe to compete.


We are here to solve this problem and by doing so we are conscientiously creating the most hard core technical block chain builders “PENGSOL”. .

with a wide selection of cloud based ai tools at the access of your finger tips, minting will be a breeze.

Manage, Schedule and Run your PENGS With a simple Click!.

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