Nightmare Project

// Supply Announcement 🧵

Why are we going for a 5k Collection ?

As you all know, the current meta used to be the following:

• Over-Hyped Projects

• 10k Supplies

• Overpriced Mints

We are NOT doing this. And here's why 👇

Launching a NFT Collection has never been as challenging as today.

Our main focus is to make sure we can bring in strong Volume, have a rising floor price, and deliver our utilities ASAP after Mint.

We have a strategy to make sure everyone wins during these hard times.

Firstly, we're going for a 5'000 Supply.

A lower supply allows us to be more selective on who our holders will be.

We don't want people flipping for 0.01 SOL profit.

Less Supply = Less Potential Listings

Obviously, this only applies if we execute our Roadmap in the smartest way as possible.

Guess what -- Everything's already prepared to deliver properly.

How are we planning to get Volume ?

• Our marketing targets both ETH & SOL Communities

• We're connected to all the largest Alpha Groups

• Collaborations with some of the biggest projects are being settled at the time we speak.

Mint Price will be announced soon.

Profit distribution will be open-source.

Social Media

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