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Inventors Club

The Story

In pursuit of greater prosperity, Earth’s Chief Simulation Officer created 9,200 famous inventors responsible for making the world a better place. Only these inventors have the courage, creativity & grit to turn their ideas into inventions. A sense of purpose is everywhere in our discord. The Inventor’s Club is a collection of 9,200 AI-generated collectibles enhancing the Ethereum Blockchain.

Social Medya



Pre-Mint Launch:

  • Community Building

  • Hype Generation

  • Facebook ads, Mass IG/Discord bots, Giveaway, Youtube sponsorships, banner ads on Crypto sites, performance crypto marketing agency

  • Crystalizing Long Term Vision

  • Top Tier Team Building


  • Ethereum given away to community members

  • 50 free NFTs given to community

  • 10 ETH given to community

  • Marketing Launch Phase 2

  • 30 ETH given to community

  • $10K or more invested into a start up of the community’s choosing

  • ETH held for marketing

  • ETH invested into more start ups

  • Creation of next project

  • Purchasing NFT media assets

The Mission Begins

  • Creation of DAO from royalties

  • Companion NFT project released

  • Marketing push 2 begins

2022 & Beyond: Creating A Vertically Integrated Web 3 Ecosystem

  • Buying media assets

  • One new NFT project a month

  • Taking equity in other NFT project

  • Profit reinvested in hiring top talent, new NFTS, a marketplace, and next level marketing.

  • Re-distributing reward to community

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