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The successful development of advanced brain-machine interfaces by elite human scientists led to the emergence of new intelligent species and triggered the beginning of technological singularity. Since then, Humans, Cyborgs, and Sentients—each consisting of 1,000 members—have been at war with one another.

When you purchase a Cyberian, you become the owner of a unique NFT based on the ERC-721 standard. Much more than that, you will join the world of Cyberia as one of the three intelligent species and help them fight the battle for ultimate supremacy. As a resident of Cyberia, you will also gain access to an exclusive society whose benefits and offers will increase over time.

Each Cyberia NFT is one of a kind, with varying degrees of rarity. Unlike other NFTs with only superficial rarity, the rarity of your Cyberian determines additional benefits and perks granted to you within and outside the world of Cyberia.


Formerly a large group of top-notch human scientists whose vision was to replicate various capabilities of the human brain in the form of neural networks and integrate them into a brain-machine interface called Invarod. Their efforts eventually triggered the onset of technological singularity and led to the emergence of two human-machine species with peculiar cognitive abilities.


Cyborgs are a hybrid species that emerged with the first prototype of Invarod, an advanced brain-machine interface. Due to a misconfiguration on the part of scientists, the Invarod interfered with their cognition and took full control of their ability to reason, communicate, learn and plan. Nevertheless, Cyborgs remained sentient, self-aware, and conscious human beings.


Sentients are an intelligent species whose cognitive abilities and otherwise human traits are entirely supplanted by the Invarod. While Sentients are effectively machines capable of rapid self-improvement, thought, judgement, and much more, their consciousness is confined to the human bodies of individuals on whom these interfaces were first tested.

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