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CryptoRapperz (Sold Out )

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 Mar 2022

About: An original, never before seen work that brings together art, crypto and rappers Cryptorapperz is a special collection of 6.666 unique pieces selected from millions of combinations, inspired by crypto and rap culture, which are an integral part of our lives. Each rapperz reflects its unique identity.

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Our roadmap outlines our plans on the cryptorapperz project and what we want to achieve. S1. Creation

Making high-quality starts is important. We design the characters and their worlds by paying attention to the fine details in order to improve our universe. Although this is a long and challenging process, we are motivated by the originality of our idea. Our dream from the very beginning was to bring together the crypto ecosystem and rap culture. It is our only dream to make it happen. Every week we will announce the exclusive rap artists who participated in our project. The release date of our project will be announced when the quality issues and technical infrastructure are completed. You can support us by following the process on our Twitter, Discord, and Instagram accounts.

Q2. WorldWide Album

It’s time to come together with the real world. We know many rappers and producers in the rap world. We are preparing a rap album featuring our distinguished artists and rap artists from different countries. The production and legal rights of this album will completely belong to the cryptorapperz brand. The album will be released on Spotify and other platforms. In addition, a total of 66 people will be chosen by a draw among the NFT holders; The album will be sent to these winners in a unique printed box. This box contains the album, a cryptorapperz special t-shirt, 3D rapperz characters, and a poster. Get ready to listen to our music. It will be an exciting day. Q3. Merchandise

Imagine that you turn into a cryptorapperz when going out. We’re imagining. There is great potential in the crypto ecosystem and rap culture. We met famous designers many times for finding a way to unlock this potential. We want to present hip-hop clothing culture with high-quality materials and unique designs. We will do our best to free our products without compromising our philosophy. We are currently working on a platform where you can buy our products from anywhere in the world and produce your unique designs. Q4. Metaverse

Only those who keep up with change and visionaries win. We have all seen what has changed since the first NFT was created. In the developing metaverse world, we want to carry our rapperz to the metaverse world, with the area we will buy from a platform that fits our concept. We are planning concert events in this special world, where the distinguished artists of our project will feature. These concerts and events will be exclusive to users who have cryptorapperz NFTs only. Get ready for change.

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