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7,070 Unique Tribe Members Await After thousands of years hidden, we are finaly opening the tribe to new members. our Ethereum NFT is an interpretation of the community element long lost. we plan to restore this important part of peace. stay tuned for tribe events and giveaways.

Welcome, Free Spirit

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Crypto Tribe is an ancient nft collection based on Ethereum. The tribe did not create the world, but nearly discovered it again. becoming a tribe member is a lifetime bond, but it does worth it - Because when the tribe prospers, we all win.

Each tribe member is uniquely created and born to it’s own tribe family. No two are exactly alike, but there are heads of family to maintain peace and unity. Become a tribe member using the Ethereum blockchain.


The main value of every tribe is the community and the unity. Our first main mission is to build a strong community, the strongest community in the metaverse.

Purpose The final north star of a tribe’s success is a higher purpose. The tribe must choose it’s own destiny. uncover this new world at our final stage.


Fefined as "a great duration of life." Our tribe had walked for thousands of years, and will keep going as long as it’s members push forward. it’s up to you.

Sandra Koval

A 25 years old artist, focuses mainly on digital art and photography. Started her journey with art since the age of 4 and never stopped. Studied visual communication at Bezalel academy of art, until decided she prefers to continue her journey as an artist without the rules of the academy.

She practiced different techniques and form of art over the years, such as oil painting, acrylic, water colors, video art, photography and more. In her art she often uses rich palettes and referring to topics such as femininity, feminism, sexuality, freedom and deep emotions.

Over the last few years she worked with dozents of clients on different art projects, Including animations for musicians and influencers, logo and brand designs, personal portraits and More. Extra: During 2019 she worked with ministry of Tourism of Malta on making tourism videos for the Israeli crowd(as part of Gil Lupe Making Movies company) During 2020 she worked with Environmental organisation Clean The Butts and designed ecological ashtrays as a solution for the cigarette butts that pollute the beaches.

Spirits Roaming Earth Since the beginning of time, Reincarnation was seen in many forms. many believe they witnessed it, but only a few lived to tell the story. now, the chiefs wake again in order to take the metaverse form. it’s time.

those who lead

The chiefs are a endless spirits who roam the earth and protect their tribe. they are a selected few. you dont choose to be a chief, a chief spirit chooses you. we will let fate decide who will become these rare chiefs. stay tuned.

Virtual Land 💎

We will buy the first area in the Sandbox that will allow CryptoTribe holders a physical space in the Sandbox Metaverse project. don't worry it's just the for the start, later on, The lands will belong to the original tribe holder.

The virutal land for our holders will be ready on March 1st, 2022 Get Together 💡

As much as we all believe in metaverse - the physical world is very important to us ,We are very excited to introduce the The first party for all avatar holders!

The party will be held in an amazing place in the Tribe forest - location TBA

The Tribe is Alive!

Airdrop 3D Crypto Tribe Avatars.

Towards the entrance of the Metaverse.

Time to play!

The world of the Crypto Tribe has arrived! We will issue a token called TRB$. With this token you can buy objects and properties in a game made for anyone who holds a tribe member. Crypto Tribe Game is on its way. Into the metaverse

We are ready, let’s jump into the metaverse! however it’s not all - there's a lot of surprises on the way, stay tuned!!!!

First light - 10%

Tribe’s first marks on the world. a unity was formed, led by the heads of family. the dream of metaverse has began.

The first 10 percent are our forming tribe. Raffle will be made and 10 lucky holders will recieve an exclusive tribe canvas in their visual spirit from our creators. in addition, 5 chosen tribe members will recieve a item from the gods. it might be a chief.

Signs of prosperity - 25%

A tribe forming is a prospering tribe. We gather our own and come together to celebrate a new day.

the tribe will take physical form as merchendise. a crypto tribe collection will be released, the gods will choose 20 tribe members for a full set giveaway. We will reveal our merch partners for a single colalboration only open for tribe mebmers.

Tribe voice is formed - 50%

who are our leaders? who are our spirit guides? we celebrate our new forming tribe and unite under a single destiny.

The tribe will hold a raffle, the spirits will choose a lucky holder who will receive a rare chief. who will be the lucky winner? In addition, 10 members will recieve NFT's - one of the 10 will receive an ETH as well.

Shining a light back - 75%

Each soul shines at it’s own time. we give back to the souls in need. assemble at the tribe fire to decide which souls to save.

The tribe is now united in spirit and in leadership. We will gather to decide the fate of the tribe. This time, we will decide who to share our prosperities with. 5 ETH will be donated to a foundation (The tribe will choose it together) in the tribe’s name.

The Avatars are resurrected! - 100%

Now that the tribe is united, we march into the metaverse. each member, a uniqe soul and body, joins us forever. welcome.

high prosperity, community and purpose bring us celebrations, events. a tribe commune and gatherings. the tribe is now closed for another thousand years. holding a card is a gerentiee to be a part of the shared future plans.

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