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Cets on Creck is a collection of 6,969 NFTs - dope digital collectibles chilling on the Solana blockchain. If you’re part of the crew, you get to hang out on SOL like a fkin lion. All benefits, perks and dope shit will be unlocked as we slowly venture into the Cat world. So, watch out!

Everytime a cet ain’t got no clue what he’s smoking, things start to get real lit, real soon. He gets a bunch of other cets. And they all become a pack.

Now they’re walking the streets, looking all woke. Their sweats are cool, their caps got skulls and their skulls got caps. The streets are full of these cool cets wearing dope AF shit.

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A bunch of art people ran into the cets when they were fucking around on the streets. The artists bought some stuff from the cets, and decided to smoke it with them. Turns out, it was the best trip of the art people’s lives. They’re so bat shit crazy about the cets now that they decided to give them cets something. Well, it takes no mf genius to guess they would paint pictures of the cets. But since they’re all high, these pictures are gonna be wonky af version of the artists’ minds.

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