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Bōryoku Dragonz

Bōryoku Dragonz are an exclusive collection of 1,111 Dragon NFTs on Solana, backed by a top team of NFT collectors, designers, community builders, and artists.

The project brings a fresh design to Solana, with daily token airdrops, a breeding game with token burning mechanics, and a multi-chain community that completely transcends a simple PFP offering.

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In the year 4269, Bōryoku Dragonz inhabit a post apocalyptic world where most life forms including humanity have been wiped out. Originally conceived by humans as genetically-synthesized chimeric superweapons, Dragonz are practically the last survivors and unfortunate inheritors of humanity's downfall.

In a planet littered by the remnants of a past life, Bōryoku Dragonz are locked in an eternal struggle to survive, competing over a scarce and ethereal essence all Dragonz produce known as BOKU, which allows them to further their bloodline. While their incentives may not always align, the Bōryoku Dragonz from all corners of the globe are faced with extremely difficult odds and recognize their best chance at survival often lies in cooperation.

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