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Bigfoot Town

Building MetaFantasy NFT in Solana

Founding the first-ever GameDAO, NOT-A-GAMEFI.

BigFoot Town provide exclusive premium access pass to NFT Dives, Social Signal, Trading Helper and Blockchain Analytic tools.

So what is BigFoot?

Solana NFT Collection

BigFoot are elemental creatures of the MetaFantasy world; by the will of the holy mother of Paradise - Yggdrasil, they act as a host for guardians from other worlds. Incentivized by the world law, the meta travelers join the world of Paradise and accumulate their power to prepare for the upcoming return of the Parasite God.

Social Media

Twitter :

Website :

Bigfoot holder will have access to:

  • Exclusive access to developing NFT, Marketing, Trading tools.

  • Exclusive early access to our partner DeFi & dapps when available.

  • Access to private channel on BigFoot Discord Server.

  • Whitelists of our partnered/incubated projectst.

  • Whitelist access to future airdrop, if we ever have one.

Magic will raise the nft community again.

BigFoot NFT owners will get early access to our partner's Dapps and our specially developed NFT tools!

What are you waiting for join us !

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